Video Links

Decided to add this page so as to save people having to search through previous posts to find video links. I will add any future video links on here as well as the relevant post page.

Second Southall run  a different part of Southall

Osterley temp course, my second visit to Osterley parkrun

Goring Hall run after visiting Vicky in hospital there

Virginia Waters a nice steady 4.1 mile with Chris

Monkmead Woods a nice slow careful run

Homewood parkrun ‘the one where I fall’ 

Tilgate parkrun ‘New Year’s Day DOUBLE’  All the run

Bognor Regis ‘Christmas morning run’ the short lap and then the final lap and finish.

Bedfont Lakes parkrun One lap plus the fishing lake loop to finish

Downs Link run One way only as it was an out and back run.

Christmas dress up parkrun at Horsham 1st lap and finish

Freedom run at Bedfont Lakes the full parkrun course

Horsham parkrun, 1 lap and the finish from the Metal Tree

Ashford run , just a run around the area we used to live in.

Osterley parkrun (1 lap and finish)

Gunpowder Trot, more or less using the head mount every time now as far better.

Coates Common , Headband mount again

Test run using a head mount, much better and needed hardly any stabilising

Test run with the Action cam mounted on a chest mount, Needed a lot of stabilising