My running and my joints were slowly suffering from a nasty increase in weight and so I made the decision that it had to go, not the running or the joints!

Somebody at parkrun suggested I give Slimming World a try, having done the old system of red and green days I knew it worked, so I looked on line and found a local one which unfortunately was on a Saturday morning “Shock Horror” what about my parkrun!!!!

Luckily there was others about and I selected one on Monday’s and I also decided that, in the interest of keeping to it, I would pay up front for a 12 week countdown package (once paid for I was not going to waste the money). Was very pleased to see that the new system offers much more freedom in what you can eat for ‘free’ and that they had introduced a range of snack bars that were only 3 syns each. Sat and listened to the group consultant give her talk and thought “yup I can do this”

What a brilliant way to lose weight, what a great group with very supportive and friendly members and an even greater consultant who offers all the support and inspiration you need, thanks Claire! I lost 2 stone 11.5 lbs over 16 weeks and reached my initial target of 13 stone on the 5th September 2016.

Have now decided that I will get Claire to reset my target down by another 4 lbs and see how I feel at that weight. My reasoning is that I am having no problem at all in maintaining my initial target and am eating extremely well, plus my running seems so much easier with less joint aches.

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