Basically, I am proud of what I do at my age!!
I wish that more people would try and get active and lose weight

Basically I have started this blog to write about my running and slimming as at 69 years old I still enjoy what running I can do and realised that I had to lose weight to continue.

I will make every attempt to update this on a daily basis, but of course life may get in the way so I may miss a day here and there.

I will write little bits about where I run and how far, I will list my parkruns and how I do in them, sometimes I will even record the runs on my small ‘Apeman action camera‘ and upload them to YouTube and post a link on the relevant page.

This can apply to Exercise and Weight Loss!

I will also try and write about the boring side of life and what I eat in my attempt to keep my weight down to the level I have reached. I would heartily recommend Slimming World to any of you that want to lose some weight ‘THE EASY WAY‘, it is not a diet as such but a change in the way you think about the food that you eat.