Up with the lark this morning, had a bad night with a bad case of stomach bug, so I could feed the family (swans) and Vicky could pop over Michelle’s and see to Stitch (puss) and then we could be away and on the road by 7.30.. Had a great day with Chris and when we got back home I felt shattered following a night of very little sleep and the drive up and back so simply went to bed and crashed for the night. Didn’t feel one bit like eating, a very gassy feeling tum, so mainly drunk lots of water all day. NOT EVEN ONE MUG OF COFFEE :o :o :o


Very quiet Monday as just felt like chilling out. So did just that and took it easy. In fact it was a bit of an IT day as I decided that my spare laptop would become my Photo laptop so in future I will use that one for all photos that I take, so I will store them all on there and use it for uploading purposes.

Tried the static bike and knee felt ok on it so after I get back tomorrow I will spend 15 minutes on it, with the knee brace on,  and then see what the knee feels like on Wednesday morning. If it feels ok then I will venture on to the rowing machine and try 15 minutes on that as well.

Knee now feels good enough for me to try a mile walk every day just need the weather to improve a bit.

Getting on top of the food stuff now. Tomorrow we are going up to spend the day with Chris so me and him can support each other.

Friday and Saturday

Friday was another boring NO running day but quite good where food was concerned.

Saturday was an early start as I was Volunteer Co-ordinator at parkrun, Gor well dressed for the weather complete with Gore Tex walking boots, gaiters and a 100% waterproof top so stayed completely dry. A tad breezy but not to bad at all.

Saturday afternoon was a chill out time and lots of heat treatment on the knee plus a few sets of assorted exercises, must admit I am starting to feel a difference now and feel that there is a distinct improvement, probably a combination of the heat, exercises and wearing the brace.

Quite a good day where food was concerned and now starting to believe in the possibility of losing the little bit I have put on.


Quiet start with some overnight oats a banana and my much needed BIG MUG of black Americano coffee to try and kick start my day.

A nice chilled morning with Chris before he went home, Vicky had a few views on his VR unit and found the cinematic view quite exciting.

Lunch was a nice snack of seafood sticks, hame and baby plum tomatoes along with another mug of black coffee.

Evening meal was very naughty as we treated ourselves to a potion of chips and had a ‘chip butty’ each.

Getting very fed up with this no running caper.


Rubbish morning foodwise, had a new overnight breakfast dish, I used ½ my oats and added a crumbled Weetabix and then topped with fruit and yoghurt, actually tasted nice with a bit more bite.

     Problem arose when I decided to have a bacon roll 🤓

Lunch was just my normal boring Seafood sticks/ham slices some baby plum tomatoes.

Going down to the garage about 2pm and see if I can hammer out some time on the bike and rower.


What can one say about Tuesday, Not A Lot really.

Good day foodwise, overnight oats and the normal for breakfast. A really good sensible lunch and a nice light chicken curry for main evening meal. The REAL BIG problem, and has always been, that I NEED to be able to run to lose and maintain my weight. This is something I have noticed in the past, no matter how good and healthy I eat without the support of my running I really do struggle to lose or even maintain my weight.

As I cannot run with this Medial Ligament injury, at least another 4 to 6 weeks I estimate, I need to be able to do something. So I have now got a nice hinged knee support which while it allows the knee to flex and bend it stops it from going out of alignment because it has metal hinged brace strips in the sides. Hopefully this will alow me to do and hour a day of miced ‘static bike’ and rowing exercise a day after a build of routine. This hopefully will replace some of the running plus keep my fitness level going.


Well here we are at the start of yet another week, one more nearer to Christmas (oh deep joy 🎅).

Consumed my breakfast of ‘overnight oats, a banana and drunk a nice mug of black Americano coffee, completely needed to kick start the brain this morning.

Nice lunch snack of crackers/pate/ham baby plum tomatoes and of course CHILLIES.

Evening meal was a piece of braised steak with onions and a jacket potato, dessert was a Muller Light Yoghurt


Well hello Sunday

Today is the start of a new me, completely back to basics with regard to the food.

Started the day with a portion of frozen fruit and some 100% fat free yoghurt, a banana and of course a mug of black Americano to kick start my brain.

        Abi on the run

Off to Horsham park to watch Abi run in the junior parkrun where she ran the whole way on her own. She even managed to run her fastest time so far and set herself a new PB at Horsham.

Whilst I was at the park I spent the time taking photographs for publication on the Horsham junior parkrun site.

After returning home I had a lunch of 8 seafood sticks, ham, baby plum tomatoes, 3 crackerwheats, pate and of course some CHILLIES.

Evening meal was the last of my Turkey Biryani and a Muller Light yoghurt as my dessert.

NO treats for the day as I want no temptations

parkrun day (Saturday)

           Something I AM NOT at the moment

   As I was RD today there would have been no running for me anyway, but at least in the past I could have had a 2 or 3 mile jog in the afternoon this time NO WAY. To inject a little humour in to my run brief I wore a wig which raised a titter or two and managed to grab the attention of all and stunned the into silence which enabled me to make my briefing announcement.


Tried to eat well and it work until the evening when I felt really fed up with not being able to run, so ended up doing a bit of ‘COMFORT EATING’. 
Following on from this I realised that I really did have to go back to Slimming World basics so have filled out a food planner and will start in the morning.



Thursday and Friday

Doom, Despair, Out of Order,

Nothing startling happening, still struggling to manage my food intake and following the decision to not try and run/jog for 8 weeks I am starting to comfort eat so need to kick that in to touch NOW!!!!!

Tried a 2 mile jog on Thursday and it seems that although it felt ok during the run my knee is nowhere near to being any good for jogging. Friday morning it felt like a hot poker had been stuck in it 😪😖 

Looks like the only way I will stand a chance of getting it right is a LOOOOONG rest period so that’s it for 8 weeks, to keep supple and my fitness up it will have to be a daily session on the bike or rower. I realise that both of those will move the joint but there will be NO impact at all and I intend to get a knee brace with hinged side supports so as the knee will stay aligned.