New parkrun course try out

As there is a new parkrun starting up in 2 weeks time, me and Chris thought it only right that we try the course out. I managed to plot the one lap on Garmin Connect and then transferred it to my watch so it was a GO. We drove out and parked and at first dismayed to see that it was a Pay & Display car park but then it got better as the first 2 hours were free and you just pressed the button to get a ticket. Followed watch and found the start and it was a go go go, talk about narrow paths they should be fun, and we set off around the route, started out a bit fast as it was downhill and was amused to come upon some ‘chicanes’ more likely cycle slowdown setups. One point there was a nasty wooden bollard that was just right if a runner around 5′ 10″ didn’t watch out forĀ a case of “OUCH that hurt”, reached the road section and then soon rejoined the park paths and then began the uphill slog back to the start area. Two more laps later we finished a rather tough 3.1 mile run, knackered and sweaty but happy to have tried it out. Chris is now contemplating making it a regular run.


Today’s run etc.

Went out today and was determined it was only going to be around 3 miles, ended with a 3.25 mile run but the nice bit was that I started out at a good pace, for a training run, and managed to speed up by 1 minute and 15 secs in the 3rd mile, this is what I need to work on if I am to get my parkrun time down under 30 minutes.

Did my 30 minutes yoga stretches, sit ups and asst dumbell exercises.


Tomorrow should be interesting as me and Chris are going to run the course for a new parkrun that starts on the 15th October, as it is only 15 minutes away from Michelle’s we will fit it in between picking up Zac from pre-school and picking up Abi from school, so should be a busy time.


A quick catch up on the last few days

On Saturday 24th September I ran the Horsham parkrun and managed to shave 47 seconds off of my Personal Best time (PB), hard work but getting there slowly. I now need to work on maintaining or improving the 3rd mile pace.

Sunday 25th September, I went out to do a steady run of around 3 mile but somehow ended up running 4.4 mile and the best bit is it felt easy.



NEVER EVER want to be like this again

Continuing with my 30 minutes of yoga stretches, sit ups and assortedt dumbbell exercises.