Friday and Saturday

Friday was another boring NO running day but quite good where food was concerned.

Saturday was an early start as I was Volunteer Co-ordinator at parkrun, Gor well dressed for the weather complete with Gore Tex walking boots, gaiters and a 100% waterproof top so stayed completely dry. A tad breezy but not to bad at all.

Saturday afternoon was a chill out time and lots of heat treatment on the knee plus a few sets of assorted exercises, must admit I am starting to feel a difference now and feel that there is a distinct improvement, probably a combination of the heat, exercises and wearing the brace.

Quite a good day where food was concerned and now starting to believe in the possibility of losing the little bit I have put on.


Rubbish morning foodwise, had a new overnight breakfast dish, I used ½ my oats and added a crumbled Weetabix and then topped with fruit and yoghurt, actually tasted nice with a bit more bite.

     Problem arose when I decided to have a bacon roll 🤓

Lunch was just my normal boring Seafood sticks/ham slices some baby plum tomatoes.

Going down to the garage about 2pm and see if I can hammer out some time on the bike and rower.


What can one say about Tuesday, Not A Lot really.

Good day foodwise, overnight oats and the normal for breakfast. A really good sensible lunch and a nice light chicken curry for main evening meal. The REAL BIG problem, and has always been, that I NEED to be able to run to lose and maintain my weight. This is something I have noticed in the past, no matter how good and healthy I eat without the support of my running I really do struggle to lose or even maintain my weight.

As I cannot run with this Medial Ligament injury, at least another 4 to 6 weeks I estimate, I need to be able to do something. So I have now got a nice hinged knee support which while it allows the knee to flex and bend it stops it from going out of alignment because it has metal hinged brace strips in the sides. Hopefully this will alow me to do and hour a day of miced ‘static bike’ and rowing exercise a day after a build of routine. This hopefully will replace some of the running plus keep my fitness level going.

parkrun day (Saturday)

           Something I AM NOT at the moment

   As I was RD today there would have been no running for me anyway, but at least in the past I could have had a 2 or 3 mile jog in the afternoon this time NO WAY. To inject a little humour in to my run brief I wore a wig which raised a titter or two and managed to grab the attention of all and stunned the into silence which enabled me to make my briefing announcement.


Tried to eat well and it work until the evening when I felt really fed up with not being able to run, so ended up doing a bit of ‘COMFORT EATING’. 
Following on from this I realised that I really did have to go back to Slimming World basics so have filled out a food planner and will start in the morning.



Thursday and Friday

Doom, Despair, Out of Order,

Nothing startling happening, still struggling to manage my food intake and following the decision to not try and run/jog for 8 weeks I am starting to comfort eat so need to kick that in to touch NOW!!!!!

Tried a 2 mile jog on Thursday and it seems that although it felt ok during the run my knee is nowhere near to being any good for jogging. Friday morning it felt like a hot poker had been stuck in it 😪😖 

Looks like the only way I will stand a chance of getting it right is a LOOOOONG rest period so that’s it for 8 weeks, to keep supple and my fitness up it will have to be a daily session on the bike or rower. I realise that both of those will move the joint but there will be NO impact at all and I intend to get a knee brace with hinged side supports so as the knee will stay aligned.


Middle of week day (Wednesday)

Blimey, halfway through the week already!!!

Started the day with some baked oats again with sliced banana on top along with a whole banana and, of course, a BIG mug of lovely black Americano coffee.

A really peaceful day as no kiddie sitting all day. We, me and Vicky, had a nice walk round Horsham park at a nice steady pace (1.2 miles) and both enjoyed it, the best bit of all is that my knee felt good walking it.

Lunchtime snack was some seafood sticks/ham/mushroom paste with 3 crackerwheats and some chillis (thanks Sis) plus a couple of spicy beetroots. All accompanied by a nice mug of tea.

Evening meal was a little bit naughty as we had half a thin based pizza each (only an 8 inch one), yes naughty but very nice but not really too bad as well within my syns count, the cheese would have come from my HExA as well.

Treats for the day were 2 dark choc rice cakes and 1 Tesco Cereal Bar.




Tuesday already

Early start to the day as I got up to feed the swans so as VIcky could have a rest, so while I was up I decided to ring the doctor’s for an appointment and see if I could find out exactly what the problem is with my knee.

Had a portion of baked oats, with sliced banana on top, for breakfast along with a banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.

Visit to the doctor was well worth it as discovered that the problem is a strained Medial Ligament and after a quick Google search I now know the proper way to attach Kinsiology Tape (K-Tape) to give it the support it needs while it heals. The time it takes is dependant on how bad it is strained but should not stop me from gently jogging, as long as I K-tape it properly and be very sensible (NO 4 or 5 miles 4 + times a week). I reckon, initially, a 1 mile jog every other day for a week or so and then I should be able to move up to the 5k distance ONCE a week with a couple of 2 mile runs in the week. Initially I will have to be careful about the terrain as need to keep the knee as stable as possible so possibly it will be a bit of touring to places like Bognor and Worthing when I want to parkrun.

Lunchtime was some ham slices/seafood sticks with some baby plum tomatoes and spicy beetroots .

When I went to pick up Zac from pre school I deliberately arrived 30 minutes early and went for a short jog through West Chiltington village and managed a 1.13 steady SLOW jog but the best bit was NO pain. Afterwards I did 220 reps on the various stations of the Outdoor Gym (aka Hobo Gym)I feel that as long as I can slog along at a nice slow steady pace I can managed to get back to jogging/running 2 or 3 times a week again.





Good morning out at Horsham Park taking phots of the parkrun, drizzly when I got there but luckily it stopped and allowed me to get the camera in action. Pretty quiet day for me as only took 998 photos, so many and so much bunching makes it hard to grab good shots as being 3 laps they don’t tend to spread out that well, but I managed. Then it was a session of selecting the ones to use (whittled it down to 348 in the end) and then resized them all and rotated the portrait ones, then it was a case of uploading them all to Flickr (click this link to see them) which takes no time my my super speed broadband.

Food wise, I have another brilliant 100% on it day, stuck exactly to what I planned and no extra bits. Being extra strict with myself as I want to few extra pounds I have put on due to not running back off before I even try and start again as I know that every extra pound off will help towards my knee behaving.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

A multi day post here as been rather busy so will report on my basics.

3 brilliant days food wise as I have stuck 100% to my eating plan with absolutely NO cheating, very hard when the kids have burger in a bun and chips and some sweeties, I even made them a small candy floos each and resisted.

Knee is feeling better and better each day now and I reckon that come Monday I will start it on some gentle rowing and assess how it feels after a couple  of sessions.

Was planning on going to see Chris on Friday but had an absolutely rubbish night’s sleep (4am still awake) so called that off and will go Sunday instead. Luckily I managed to sleep ok on Friday so will be okay for my photography stint at parkrun on Saturday



A reasonably early start to the day as  volunteered to take photos at the junior parkrun today, what promised to be a drizzly morning turned out to be reasonably dry. 


After the junior parkrun finished I retired to the cafe to start organising and sorting out which of the 530 photos I had taken I would use, whittled it down to 98 and after creating the header I started the upload, just about the Vicky and Michelle arrived and they ordered themselves some breakfast and drinks PLUS another black Americano for me.

My knee then got it’s second workout of the weekend when we all walked a lap of the park and it still felt quite reasonable.

Not a brill day for food so I won’t list what I munched.