Planned festive period parkruns

Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve) either Bedfont Lakes or Osterley Park with Chris.

Sunday 25th December (Yup a Christmas day parkrun) Bognor Regis (Chris as well)

Saturday 31st December (New Year’s Eve) Horsham as usual

Sunday 1st January 17 (New Year’s day) the only day of the year where we can run and claim TWO parkruns in one day, so I will be doing Horsham at 9am and then Tilgate (Crawley) at 10.30.

so 5 runs over two weekends

parkrun day

This is going to be a combined post today. 

Arose from the pit at 05.50 and slowly allowed my brain (?) to come to life,  had the first mouthful of much needed black coffee which helped kick start the system. 

Decided to forego any overnight oats and made do with a LARGE mug of black coffee and a banana.

Arrived back from parkrun feeling ravenous so had a super brunch of 2 Porky Lights, 3 rashers bacon (all visible fat removed) oven roasted baby plum tomatoes and a dry fried egg, complete with a wholemeal roll, plus a big mug of tea 

Evening meal will be added later

Conditions were a little slippery at parkrun so opted to wear the trail shoes, set off on the first lap at a steady pace and decided half way round the second lap that as I didn’t feel a PB type time was on sI would ease off and have a steady paced run to avoid any shockwaves on the achilles. Finished in a time of 33.06 so was happy with that, in my book a run is a run whatever the time, so that was it for the day. Time for home and that brunch that is waiting for me.



It’s parkrun Eve

Well as today is the day before parkrun it is a no running day for me.


Had a portion of Overnight Oats , banana and a mug of black coffee for breakfast.

Lunchtime snack was 4 crackerwheat, sliced ham, mushroom paste and a good helping of baby cherry tomatoes.

Evening meal of Gammon steak, a dry fried egg, SW chips and a portion of plum tomatoes.

Only 2 bars today.


Thursday “all in one post”

Short run today as limited time, only got to Ashford around 13.30 and didn’t get round to running until after I had picked up the little ones. Chris and I just had a gentle jog of 1.75 miles, as I say ‘A run is a run’ so quite happy with that.

Roll on Saturday for parkrun.


Munchies for the day:

Breakfast of Overnight Oats
Lunchtime snack of Crackerwheats and Mushroom paste with a handful of baby plum tomatoes.
Evening meal of 2 x Porky Lights and mash.

3 bars as treats


My views on ‘overdosing on technology’ for running

I have been reading a lot on the parkrun running groups on Facebook regarding people who want advice on buying watches that do this and do that. My only real venture in to the techno side of running was the buying of a Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS watch, but only because I wanted something that would measure my distance and time with pace being an added bonus. Although my Forerunner  has the facility to use a Virtual Training partner for help with pacing I have not used it as yet. The main advantage is that I can download the run data to my Garmin account and refer back if I want, I can also create courses online and download to the watch and follow the directions.

In all the years that I have run, and I ran quite a lot of mileage in my younger days, I have always run to how my body felt and even now have never felt the need to use a heart rate device of any description as I personally feel that those devices are more for the professional athletes. I have just read, on the parkrun discussion group, that somebody is asking about using an Altitude Training Mask, surely that is really drifting in to the realms of the needs of a true professional and not of a parkrunner. If you are NOT going to be making a living out of your chosen sport then it should not be necessary to push your body to the degree that many are discussing

Technology should be used as a guide not as severe task master which so many seem to be using them as these days.