Well hello Tuesday



Later start to the day today as no rush to get anywhere, 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee started the day.

Next task was to phone the nice man that hit the back of my car yesterday for his insurance details and he gave me a number for a company that deals with any insurance claims for them. Rang them and spoke to a very helpful chap who stated that we had to do nothing as their insurance company will cover everything. He then told me to expect a call from their repairers who would provide me with a loan cat (Skoda Octavia no less) and that call came at 1.30pm and the young lady made an appointment for their company to change the cars over on Thursday at mid-day. Not bad ‘hit on Monday and collected for repair on Thursday’, mind you would just rather have not been hit.

Spent the afternoon setting up video playing equipment and showing a ‘Memories video’ at a wake for somebody from our building and unfortunately had a few nibbles from the buffet 

     That’s me done for the day, night night

It’s Monday again

Early start to the day as I was going to see Chris for the day.

Quick breakfast of 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.

Nice easy drive up to Chris followed by a mug of ‘instant’ black coffee :o

Chris drove us over to Homebase in Staines, in my car, and as we left the car park to return to his place some idiot of a White Van man hit the back of the car and accused Chris of undertaking him but changed his statement after I said that the footage from my dash cam would prove that there were no vehicles in front of the car at any time once we left the car park. So after a bit of salad lunch at Chris’s I returned home with a slightly wounded car.


That was the excitement for the day, I ended the day with a nice omelette and a Muller Light yoghurt.

Sadly no time for any exercise today 


Very very quite day as was still feeling the effects of my bad stomach and felt that  yeuk that I just relaxed and drunk mainly water all day.
That was it for the day really,only good bit is that the knee must be improving as I can sleep with no pain from it now. ;)



Up with the lark this morning, had a bad night with a bad case of stomach bug, so I could feed the family (swans) and Vicky could pop over Michelle’s and see to Stitch (puss) and then we could be away and on the road by 7.30.. Had a great day with Chris and when we got back home I felt shattered following a night of very little sleep and the drive up and back so simply went to bed and crashed for the night. Didn’t feel one bit like eating, a very gassy feeling tum, so mainly drunk lots of water all day. NOT EVEN ONE MUG OF COFFEE :o :o :o


Today is the start of MINE and CHRIS’s fight back against our weight increases. This time I am determined to get a grip of it and get back down and be ready for when I can start jogging/running again.

We both need to stay really strong and then we can get back to playing our ‘Jail Break’ game again.



Quiet start with some overnight oats a banana and my much needed BIG MUG of black Americano coffee to try and kick start my day.

A nice chilled morning with Chris before he went home, Vicky had a few views on his VR unit and found the cinematic view quite exciting.

Lunch was a nice snack of seafood sticks, hame and baby plum tomatoes along with another mug of black coffee.

Evening meal was very naughty as we treated ourselves to a potion of chips and had a ‘chip butty’ each.

Getting very fed up with this no running caper.

Thursday and Friday

Doom, Despair, Out of Order,

Nothing startling happening, still struggling to manage my food intake and following the decision to not try and run/jog for 8 weeks I am starting to comfort eat so need to kick that in to touch NOW!!!!!

Tried a 2 mile jog on Thursday and it seems that although it felt ok during the run my knee is nowhere near to being any good for jogging. Friday morning it felt like a hot poker had been stuck in it 😪😖 

Looks like the only way I will stand a chance of getting it right is a LOOOOONG rest period so that’s it for 8 weeks, to keep supple and my fitness up it will have to be a daily session on the bike or rower. I realise that both of those will move the joint but there will be NO impact at all and I intend to get a knee brace with hinged side supports so as the knee will stay aligned.



A rather peaceful day today as driving seems to tire me a bit now. 

A nice easy breakfast again, 100% fat free yoghurt with some frozen cherries and frozen kiwi fruit slices in it, plus a banana and of course a nice BIG mug of black Americano coffee. Perfect start to the day.

Lunchtime was a ham/seafood stick salad, with a couple of plums.

Evening meal was a rather tasty omelette with some smokey bacon bits and sliced cherry tomatoes in it, plus a nice large portion of baked beans. A fruit flavoured Muller Light yoghurt as dessert completed the meal.

Another brilliant day food wise.

Busy Sunday

Busy day today as drove up to spend the day with Chris. Light breakfasts of 100% fat free yoghurt with some frozen cherries nad banana slices, plus a nice mug of black Americano coffee. Took a BIG travel mug of black Americano coffee for the journey as well.

Lunch meal with Chris was a nice ham/seafood stick/boiled egg salad. We then had a bit if fun with watching bits on his PS4 VR unit, extremely spooky in some of the games.

After an easy drive back home I had a rather nice reduced fat burger with some baked beans.

A really great day foodwise, now feel that I am 100% back in the groove and my MOJO is in top gear.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

A multi day post here as been rather busy so will report on my basics.

3 brilliant days food wise as I have stuck 100% to my eating plan with absolutely NO cheating, very hard when the kids have burger in a bun and chips and some sweeties, I even made them a small candy floos each and resisted.

Knee is feeling better and better each day now and I reckon that come Monday I will start it on some gentle rowing and assess how it feels after a couple  of sessions.

Was planning on going to see Chris on Friday but had an absolutely rubbish night’s sleep (4am still awake) so called that off and will go Sunday instead. Luckily I managed to sleep ok on Friday so will be okay for my photography stint at parkrun on Saturday