getting there food wise

      Really trying now!!

Seem to be making a vast improvement where my food stuff is concerned.
I have even stuck to only having 25% of my allowed syns so as to resist the temptation of having too many munchie bars

Last three days I have been 100% on the ball and really trying to stick with it. Have started to use Turkey Mince for cooking as it is labeled as only 2% fat content and I reckon it taste quite nice. Going to try making some burgers with it for a change.

Been having a nice simple turkey mince and potato curry with rice for evening meals and have just cooked a pleasant Chilli Con Carne to have with either Jacket Spud or rice.

Just ordered a pair of cheap Trail Shoes for Abi as she has got into doing junior parkrun (yes that is correct NO capital J or P) and needed a pair for Horsham as the ones she has already been bought seem to be for Laleham use only :D :p
At least she can use the Pink barcode wristband we got for her at either of them =))

     click image to see list of junior parkruns

I have recently given a presentation at 2 primary schools (Abi’s and another local one) all about junior parkrun and the interest from the children has been really good but it is all down to whether the parents can be bothered to get up on a Sunday morning to take them. One of the Mum’s at Abi’s school said not to hold my breath as she has found a large majority of the parents there are very complacent about encouraging their children to do anything that involves them actually having to get involved, even simple things like reading at home. It is a shame as so many of the children asked me about it later when I picked up Abi from school.
When they have run so many they can get awarded wristbands that the Head Teacher has said, if they take them in, she will present them at assembly and then they will be allowed to wear them at school.

           Click the image to find out more


Still bored and nothing happening

       Just tired of not being able to run

Flipping fed up not being able to run or even walk long distances. Knee just does not seem to be getting anywhere and now looking like end of Jan before I can start to even try it ☹ ☹ 😡 😡

Remembrance Sunday

Myself and Michelle walked over to the church for our local Remembrance Day parade and were surprised at the gathering from the village. Nice simple ceremony but actually was started and finished 2 minutes early as we could bear the last post being blown, in the distance, from other local villages and I checked my watch (satellite controlled) and the other villages were on time but we were ahead by 2 minutes.

Spent the rest of the day resting my knee as I now realise that walking 2 miles is not really resting it and will not help me get back to running any quicker, in fact I now think it may delay it.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Apologies for a single post for 3 days but been a tad busy and without the incentive of running I am struggling to:
a) lose any weight or eat properly
b) to post up on here daily

I seem to start each day with good intentions of eating properly but come the evening it all goes out the door and my mouth seems to attract the wrong things and then the next day it starts again. I have tried to replace the running with some walks but there are two problems with that, it is not resting my knee and it just doesn’t replace the running as it really is a bit boring.

Saturday I was on set up at parkrun and walked the course so did around ¾ mile and although I initially intended walking the course, for two reasons I decided not to, one was the fact that I realised that having done 3 longish walks  during the week (1.4 forest walk, a 2 mile and a 2.4 mile fast walk) a 3 mile walk on a muddy course was probably going to be pushing my luck a dn the second reason was that my car was coming back (supposedly after 11 but arrived at 9.45) and I needed to get all my stuff out of the loan car.


The start of yet another week saw us driving up to spend a day with Chris, a very busy day as well and eventually arrived back home at 17.30 feeling shattered.

Breakfast was 2 Weetabix, milk, a banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.
Lunch was a simple snack of seafood sticks and ham with some baby plum tomatoes.

Evening  meal once again let me down as what with feeling a tad shattered it was a quick reach for the easy stuff and ended up with a baton filled with 2 Tesco healthy sausages and some bacon medallions.

Soon  retired to bed and slept like a log.


Started the day with 2 Weetabix, a banana and a big mug of black Americano coffee to get me started.
A very busy day today as went to take photos at the Horsham junior pakrun, as Abi was running and I always try and take some pictures when she is there. She did very well and set her self a new Personal Best time since she started.

Once I had finished with the junior parkrun I had to dash to take photos of the Horsham Joggers Gunpowder Trot, which I ran last year, as I had volunteered to do some photography this year. I was position at the top of the rather long hill climb and took 900 photos but many were the result of the ‘Multi Shutter’ setting so by the time I whittled the multis down I ended up with 198.

Lunch was a weekend brunch meal again followed by a snack type evening meal.

Not a fantastic day food wise but not a disaster.

The good news is that my knee seems to have suffered NO side effects from yesterday’s ‘parkwalk’ and seemed great even after my climb up the hill with all my camera kit in it’s backpack plus a camping chair and a BIG flask of black coffee.

It’s Friday

Almost another week gone, time flies by 🤓

Looking forward to tomorrow as gonna give the knee a try with a sensible parkrun/walk and see how it goes, I just need to be doing more.

Started the day off well with a portion of porridge made with water and some plain yoghurt added for some creaminess.

A very light lunch snack but sadly we gave in to Chinese again this evening.


Another quiet day as busy sorting bits and emptying my car as I have a loan car arriving today.

Food wise I started off well and didn’t go too far off the rails. One good thing is that Chris seems to be getting his act together and exercising a bit more now.

Got my loan car and it is an Octavia Scout which means it is a 4×4, nice car with lots of bells and whistles but a smaller engine. Nicer slightly upright seating, a little higher than mine but still much lower than the old ‘Beast’. Must admit that it sticks like ‘S### to a shovel’ with the 4×4 so going to enjoy using it for the next week.

Went to collect Zac a little early so had a nice 1 mile walk around the green and felt that I was moving at a pace that would equate to a 54 minute parkrun time so looking forward to giving it a try on Saturday. I must remember to either wear the brace of some strapping (K-tape) on Saturday as don’t want to go backwards.



Nice quiet day and the first day back picking up the kiddies from school, which was made a little more complicated by the stupid traffic queue caused by the roadworks on the hill (16 weeks of it).

Pretty standard day food wise as still not getting to grips with the fact that if I can’t run I have to be 150% careful about what passes my lips.

Will persevere though as my start back is getting closer and closer.