Wow, Friday already

            No way am I giving up on getting back to running

Got to stop having these mid morning starts as lose so much of the day but then again as we have a brunch instead of breakfast and lunch it works well for the food intake.

Today’s brunch was 2 dry fried eggs, 2 sausages (Tesco Healthy Option), 3 bacon medallions, baked beans, grilled (well oven cooked) tomatoes, potato slices and 1 x 50/50 thin plus of course 2 mugs of lovely black Americano coffee.

A little bit of an outing in to Horsham Park to place the new signs in the store room and then a walk in to Horsham for a little bit of festive shopping. Back to the car and back to home and out of the flipping cold.

Evening meal was a large portion of Chilli Con Carne with boiled rice followed by a nice Banana and Custard Muller Light Yoghurt as dessert.

Only treats for the day were 4 small Pink Panther wafers.

Did a set of exercise for my knee and will do another set before bed.

All in all a pretty good day