Wednesday and middle of week already


Slept in a bit as seem to have picked up a touch of the sniffles, courtesy of Zac and Abi 😵, so decided to go with a full blown brunch meal. Scrambled eggs, baked beans, 2 x Tesco Healthy Option sausages, 3 x bacon medallions, oven cooked mushrooms and a toasted 50/50 Thin. Plus of course 2 x mugs of black Americano coffee ☕☕

I now need to stay warm in the garage while I fit the velcro straps to the new parkrun Caution Runners signs. Fitted all the velcro and worked out how  we can suspend a couple of other signs from trees, so a nice busy afternnon and now time to go pick up Abi and Zac from school(s)

Nibbled a bit of fruit during the day, satsumas and an apple, and by the time evening meal time arrived just didn’t feel that hungry so nibble 8 seafood sticks and called it a day. Overall I am happy with how the day went.

    Our 100th and seems like a lifetime since I last ran