Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Apologies for a single post for 3 days but been a tad busy and without the incentive of running I am struggling to:
a) lose any weight or eat properly
b) to post up on here daily

I seem to start each day with good intentions of eating properly but come the evening it all goes out the door and my mouth seems to attract the wrong things and then the next day it starts again. I have tried to replace the running with some walks but there are two problems with that, it is not resting my knee and it just doesn’t replace the running as it really is a bit boring.

Saturday I was on set up at parkrun and walked the course so did around ¾ mile and although I initially intended walking the course, for two reasons I decided not to, one was the fact that I realised that having done 3 longish walks  during the week (1.4 forest walk, a 2 mile and a 2.4 mile fast walk) a 3 mile walk on a muddy course was probably going to be pushing my luck a dn the second reason was that my car was coming back (supposedly after 11 but arrived at 9.45) and I needed to get all my stuff out of the loan car.