Wow, Mid Week already (Wednesday)

Was meant to be an early start to take the kiddies to school but Michelle decided to stay home today so it was not necessary and we had no need to pick them up as their father was coming down to take them out for a few hours after school.

Quick breakfast of banana and black Americano coffee, plus a Tesco cereal bar.

Lunchtime was a small snack of a 50/30 Thin with some ham slices and seafood sticks.

During the afternoon me and Vicky decided to go out for a little forest walk at Fittleworth Common. Only 1.2 miles but quite hilly and muddy but we did manage to collect quite a few nice Sweet Horse Chestnuts for consumption later, also stopped a lot as Vicky wanted to look at all of the amazing trees and views, planning on returning tomorrow with my camera and take a few photos.

Evening meal was a nice Chicken& potato Omelette with a Muller Light yoghurt as dessert.