parkrunday (Saturday)

             or in my case WALKING

Up early and had a couple of Weetabix for breakfast, a banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.

        very true

Enjoyed the walk around Horsham park this morning, although it was muddy and my walking boots have very little grip. I wore the boots so as I was not tempted to break in to a jog but next time it will have to be my trail shoes so as I can avoid slipping as that could be disastrous for my knee, I planned to finish in under the hour and got a clock time of 56 minutes but I did pick up some signage on the last lap which slowed me down. Garmin showed me as 56 minutes but Strava which takes in to account the stops I made to pick up signs showed me as having a moving time of 52.44 so more than happy with that, will try to go sub 50 next week as I will be wearing my trail soled trainers. Will try with just some K-Tape strapping next week but also going to try a couple of 2 mile walks during the week and see if I can get back on some kind of exercise regime again. I MISS MY RUNNING, I don’t care if it takes me 45 mins I just want to be able to run/jog parkrun again and then get out and do the odd touring again.

Standard brunch for me at lunch time but must try a LOT harder from now on. No good me preaching to Chris and not practising my own advice.