Another quiet day as busy sorting bits and emptying my car as I have a loan car arriving today.

Food wise I started off well and didn’t go too far off the rails. One good thing is that Chris seems to be getting his act together and exercising a bit more now.

Got my loan car and it is an Octavia Scout which means it is a 4×4, nice car with lots of bells and whistles but a smaller engine. Nicer slightly upright seating, a little higher than mine but still much lower than the old ‘Beast’. Must admit that it sticks like ‘S### to a shovel’ with the 4×4 so going to enjoy using it for the next week.

Went to collect Zac a little early so had a nice 1 mile walk around the green and felt that I was moving at a pace that would equate to a 54 minute parkrun time so looking forward to giving it a try on Saturday. I must remember to either wear the brace of some strapping (K-tape) on Saturday as don’t want to go backwards.