Well hello Tuesday



Later start to the day today as no rush to get anywhere, 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee started the day.

Next task was to phone the nice man that hit the back of my car yesterday for his insurance details and he gave me a number for a company that deals with any insurance claims for them. Rang them and spoke to a very helpful chap who stated that we had to do nothing as their insurance company will cover everything. He then told me to expect a call from their repairers who would provide me with a loan cat (Skoda Octavia no less) and that call came at 1.30pm and the young lady made an appointment for their company to change the cars over on Thursday at mid-day. Not bad ‘hit on Monday and collected for repair on Thursday’, mind you would just rather have not been hit.

Spent the afternoon setting up video playing equipment and showing a ‘Memories video’ at a wake for somebody from our building and unfortunately had a few nibbles from the buffet 

     That’s me done for the day, night night