It’s Monday again

Early start to the day as I was going to see Chris for the day.

Quick breakfast of 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.

Nice easy drive up to Chris followed by a mug of ‘instant’ black coffee :o

Chris drove us over to Homebase in Staines, in my car, and as we left the car park to return to his place some idiot of a White Van man hit the back of the car and accused Chris of undertaking him but changed his statement after I said that the footage from my dash cam would prove that there were no vehicles in front of the car at any time once we left the car park. So after a bit of salad lunch at Chris’s I returned home with a slightly wounded car.


That was the excitement for the day, I ended the day with a nice omelette and a Muller Light yoghurt.

Sadly no time for any exercise today