Sunday (junior parkrun day)

Another bright but not so early start. Breakfast of 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano stuff and it was off to Horsham Park, again!, to take photos of the Halloween junior parkrun.

        CLICK to see the photos

After I had finished at the park I decided to have a stroll around the park with the camera and take some ‘Autumnal’ photos (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and then to do a ‘dummy run’ in preparation for next Sunday when I will be taking photos of the junior parkrun again, Abigail is running it, and then dash off to the hill near to Chesworth Farm and take photos of the HJ Gunpowder Trot. It will be easy as managed it in 20 minutes including walking up the hill. Overall I walked close on 1¾ miles with no pain or problems with the knee, still wearing the brace but it seems to be doing the job where rehabilitation is concerned.

Lunchtime was another brunch of oven cooked potato slices, bacon medallions, 2 tesco healthy choice sausages, tinned plum tomatoes and scrambled egg with of course a mug of black Americano coffee.

Spent a couple of hours processing and resizing the photos from the morning and then chilled for a while before my evening meal of Steamed chicken breast with some boiled new potatoes and salad, followed by some fresh pineapple with natural yoghurt 😎