Saturday (no run for me just playing at photographer)

A bright and early, but not too early, so as I could have a baked oats, banana and a nice big mug of black Americano coffe to get my day well and truly started.

Got my makeup done by Vicky and set off to the park, got a couple of funny looks when stopped at the traffic lights though and this is the reason why :D








Spent a pleasant hour taking snaps of happy runners and really feeling down in the dumps but starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lunchtime meal was a nice brunch of Oven cooked potato slices, bacon medallions, scrambles eggs and some tinned plum tomatoes, with 1 wholemeal thin plus of course another black Americano coffee.

Spent a couple of hours sorting through the 1100 photos I took and decided on 408 to use, so then a quick mass resizing job and once a header photo was made it was a quick upload and job done !! ;)

      Click to the photos

Chill out time and then time for my evening snack which was not 100% good as me and Vicky shared a small portion of chips and a portion of batter cod ‘½ of the fish each’ and then after a while it was bed time.