I am fffffing bored, I wanna get out and run but I know if I do I will put my knee back weeks.

Michelle has departed for Budapest for a Salsa function and she will be meeting up with Vicky’s cousin while she is there. Next year we all hope to spend a week over there (Me, Vicky, Chris, Michelle, Abi and Zac) so we can have a full family holiday.

Food wise I have been better than good today, breakfast was 2 weetabix with milk, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.

Lunch snack was some salad leaves, cucumber, baby plum tomatoes, spicy baby beetroots, seafood sticks and some ham slices.

Evening meal was a good portion of Minced Turkey cooked with onions, soya sauce, chicken stock, bean sprouts and boiled rice, rather tasty and healthy. Dessert was half a Muller Light yoghurt (Vicky had the other half)

Now I just need to stick with it and get my head on right and it will be a case of ‘WEIGHT on your bike’