Very quiet Monday as just felt like chilling out. So did just that and took it easy. In fact it was a bit of an IT day as I decided that my spare laptop would become my Photo laptop so in future I will use that one for all photos that I take, so I will store them all on there and use it for uploading purposes.

Tried the static bike and knee felt ok on it so after I get back tomorrow I will spend 15 minutes on it, with the knee brace on,  and then see what the knee feels like on Wednesday morning. If it feels ok then I will venture on to the rowing machine and try 15 minutes on that as well.

Knee now feels good enough for me to try a mile walk every day just need the weather to improve a bit.

Getting on top of the food stuff now. Tomorrow we are going up to spend the day with Chris so me and him can support each other.