Well hello Tuesday



Later start to the day today as no rush to get anywhere, 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee started the day.

Next task was to phone the nice man that hit the back of my car yesterday for his insurance details and he gave me a number for a company that deals with any insurance claims for them. Rang them and spoke to a very helpful chap who stated that we had to do nothing as their insurance company will cover everything. He then told me to expect a call from their repairers who would provide me with a loan cat (Skoda Octavia no less) and that call came at 1.30pm and the young lady made an appointment for their company to change the cars over on Thursday at mid-day. Not bad ‘hit on Monday and collected for repair on Thursday’, mind you would just rather have not been hit.

Spent the afternoon setting up video playing equipment and showing a ‘Memories video’ at a wake for somebody from our building and unfortunately had a few nibbles from the buffet 

     That’s me done for the day, night night

It’s Monday again

Early start to the day as I was going to see Chris for the day.

Quick breakfast of 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.

Nice easy drive up to Chris followed by a mug of ‘instant’ black coffee :o

Chris drove us over to Homebase in Staines, in my car, and as we left the car park to return to his place some idiot of a White Van man hit the back of the car and accused Chris of undertaking him but changed his statement after I said that the footage from my dash cam would prove that there were no vehicles in front of the car at any time once we left the car park. So after a bit of salad lunch at Chris’s I returned home with a slightly wounded car.


That was the excitement for the day, I ended the day with a nice omelette and a Muller Light yoghurt.

Sadly no time for any exercise today 

Sunday (junior parkrun day)

Another bright but not so early start. Breakfast of 2 weetabix, banana and a mug of black Americano stuff and it was off to Horsham Park, again!, to take photos of the Halloween junior parkrun.

        CLICK to see the photos

After I had finished at the park I decided to have a stroll around the park with the camera and take some ‘Autumnal’ photos (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and then to do a ‘dummy run’ in preparation for next Sunday when I will be taking photos of the junior parkrun again, Abigail is running it, and then dash off to the hill near to Chesworth Farm and take photos of the HJ Gunpowder Trot. It will be easy as managed it in 20 minutes including walking up the hill. Overall I walked close on 1¾ miles with no pain or problems with the knee, still wearing the brace but it seems to be doing the job where rehabilitation is concerned.

Lunchtime was another brunch of oven cooked potato slices, bacon medallions, 2 tesco healthy choice sausages, tinned plum tomatoes and scrambled egg with of course a mug of black Americano coffee.

Spent a couple of hours processing and resizing the photos from the morning and then chilled for a while before my evening meal of Steamed chicken breast with some boiled new potatoes and salad, followed by some fresh pineapple with natural yoghurt 😎

Saturday (no run for me just playing at photographer)

A bright and early, but not too early, so as I could have a baked oats, banana and a nice big mug of black Americano coffe to get my day well and truly started.

Got my makeup done by Vicky and set off to the park, got a couple of funny looks when stopped at the traffic lights though and this is the reason why :D








Spent a pleasant hour taking snaps of happy runners and really feeling down in the dumps but starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lunchtime meal was a nice brunch of Oven cooked potato slices, bacon medallions, scrambles eggs and some tinned plum tomatoes, with 1 wholemeal thin plus of course another black Americano coffee.

Spent a couple of hours sorting through the 1100 photos I took and decided on 408 to use, so then a quick mass resizing job and once a header photo was made it was a quick upload and job done !! ;)

      Click to the photos

Chill out time and then time for my evening snack which was not 100% good as me and Vicky shared a small portion of chips and a portion of batter cod ‘½ of the fish each’ and then after a while it was bed time.


Friday and the day before parkrunday

Woke up feeling good this morning, my knee is definitely responding as there is now NO PAIN when I lay in bed and even when turning and especially when I get up in the morning (or during the night as us old ones have to do). I reckon the brace is making a BIG difference as I now tend to wear it most of the day and it really seems to be helping the knee recover.

Breakfast today was simply a portion of baked oats with strawberry slices, a banana and a mug of black Americano coffee. Also started drinking a cup of warm lemon water first thing.

My lunch was a simple and boring snack of salad leaves, cucumber chunky, spicy baby beetroots and some seafood sticks. Nice and basic but filling without any bad stuff involved .

Evening meal was the rest of my turkey mince mix (cooked from fresh again but the say tasty mix. Dessert was a full Mullar Light yoghurt this time as I made sure that there were plenty in the fridge.

Managed some exercise today in the form of 5 minutes of rowing and 5 minutes of static bike, 50 situps and 50 assorted weights. Taking it steady and slowly to get back.

Time for an early bit of kip as up early in morning so as I can get ready for the Halloween parkrun as I am gonna be snapping pics.


I am fffffing bored, I wanna get out and run but I know if I do I will put my knee back weeks.

Michelle has departed for Budapest for a Salsa function and she will be meeting up with Vicky’s cousin while she is there. Next year we all hope to spend a week over there (Me, Vicky, Chris, Michelle, Abi and Zac) so we can have a full family holiday.

Food wise I have been better than good today, breakfast was 2 weetabix with milk, banana and a mug of black Americano coffee.

Lunch snack was some salad leaves, cucumber, baby plum tomatoes, spicy baby beetroots, seafood sticks and some ham slices.

Evening meal was a good portion of Minced Turkey cooked with onions, soya sauce, chicken stock, bean sprouts and boiled rice, rather tasty and healthy. Dessert was half a Muller Light yoghurt (Vicky had the other half)

Now I just need to stick with it and get my head on right and it will be a case of ‘WEIGHT on your bike’



Very very quite day as was still feeling the effects of my bad stomach and felt that  yeuk that I just relaxed and drunk mainly water all day.
That was it for the day really,only good bit is that the knee must be improving as I can sleep with no pain from it now. ;)



Up with the lark this morning, had a bad night with a bad case of stomach bug, so I could feed the family (swans) and Vicky could pop over Michelle’s and see to Stitch (puss) and then we could be away and on the road by 7.30.. Had a great day with Chris and when we got back home I felt shattered following a night of very little sleep and the drive up and back so simply went to bed and crashed for the night. Didn’t feel one bit like eating, a very gassy feeling tum, so mainly drunk lots of water all day. NOT EVEN ONE MUG OF COFFEE :o :o :o


Very quiet Monday as just felt like chilling out. So did just that and took it easy. In fact it was a bit of an IT day as I decided that my spare laptop would become my Photo laptop so in future I will use that one for all photos that I take, so I will store them all on there and use it for uploading purposes.

Tried the static bike and knee felt ok on it so after I get back tomorrow I will spend 15 minutes on it, with the knee brace on,  and then see what the knee feels like on Wednesday morning. If it feels ok then I will venture on to the rowing machine and try 15 minutes on that as well.

Knee now feels good enough for me to try a mile walk every day just need the weather to improve a bit.

Getting on top of the food stuff now. Tomorrow we are going up to spend the day with Chris so me and him can support each other.


Today is the start of MINE and CHRIS’s fight back against our weight increases. This time I am determined to get a grip of it and get back down and be ready for when I can start jogging/running again.

We both need to stay really strong and then we can get back to playing our ‘Jail Break’ game again.