Today’s food

Started the morning with my daily dose of Overnight Oats

At lunch myself and Vicky had a full English brunch with:
SW sausage, bacon (fat cut off), baked beans, potato slices and a dry fried egg.

Evening meal is a chicken curry (SW friendly) with rice. Made by cooking some chicken and onions in the wok and adding a tub of Slimming World Spicy Tikka Masala sauce, nice but not as hot as the 2 chilli label would have you believe.  one-chilli


Treats and Extras  2 x HiFi bars and a brown Sandwich Thin.

An elongated rectangular device that measures weight with a gray metal edge and a white surface with light gray hexagonal pattern attached to a semi circular equal interval scale wearing black rimmed eye glasses and showing its bright two front teeth in a charming smile